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Tristan Thompson says goodbye to Khloe Kardashian by doing this

Photo: Instagram – @LaniBlair

As Khloe Kardashian contemplates in isolation whether or not to get back together with her cheating baby daddy Tristan Thompson, he has already reportedly moved on to the next woman.

Humiliated on an international scale and caring for a newborn baby at home, Kardashian reportedly is content being bunkered down in Thompson’s Cleveland home. And she passed on those NBA playoff tickets to the Cleveland Cavaliers’ games.

And since Thompson feels no sense of obligation to Kardashian anymore, as he did with the girlfriend before her (Jordan “Jordy” Craig), he went ahead and used those tickets to bring his side chick to the games instead, a source tells InTouch Weekly.

“Khloé told him she isn’t going to any of his playoff games in Cleveland,” the source reveals, “and gave him back his four box seat tickets. So, Tristan gave the tickets to his sidepiece Lani!”

As rolling out reported previously, Lani Blair is the New York-based strip club employee and bottle waitress who was caught with Thompson running in and out of Manhattan hotels just days before Kardashian was about to give birth to their baby girl.

With the secret now out in the open, Thompson is no longer trying to creep on the low or duck in and out of shadows to keep his prized side girl hidden. He is reportedly done with the lying and is ready to make Blair his main woman.

“He’s crazy, crazy about Lani and isn’t trying to hide her,” the source told InTouch. “Lani’s been asking to come to his games to cheer him on for the longest time but Tristan always wanted to keep her in the background, until now. Khloé has no idea that Tristan did this and it seems like Tristan doesn’t care about her knowing either.”

If the reports turn out to be accurate, this may be the strongest indication that the relationship between Kardashian and Thompson is irrevocably broken.