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Kanye West delivered ‘Ye’ album in Wyoming

Kanye West. Photo credit: Facebook/Kanye Omari West

After all the rants, drama, racial tension and MAGA hats, dozens of influencers and media have descended upon Wyoming to listen to Kanye’s newest project. The release is also being streamed on an app called WAV. The stream started at 9pm CST. If you were expecting music immediately you were disappointed. The stream focused on the Wyoming landscape with horses in the background while you listened to a crackling campfire.

Chris Rock introduced Kanye with a few jokes and mentions that hip-hop is the first art form created by free Black men. He also said that Kanye has taken full advantage of his freedom and to listen to the project without prejudice.

The name of the project is Ye and the first lyric you hear behind a brooding vamp is “The most beautiful thoughts are beside the darkest. Today I seriously thought about killing you. Premeditated Murder.” The production is classic Kanye and lyrically it plays like a journal he has been keeping for the past few months. A few well placed lines speaking on current issues lace the project: “Russell Simmons wanna pray for me too. But imma pray for him cause he got #metoo. I wonder what if that happened to me too”

The inspirational Kanye that we all know and love enters with a Slick Rick sample assisted by the unmistakable vocals of Charlie Wilson. The campfire is LIT literally and figuratively and all of the people who flew out to hear the project seem pleased and content under the Wyoming sky.

Considering that Kanye has spent the last year in Utah and Wyoming, it makes more sense why he has been espousing these middle America sentiments. He doesn’t get a pass for it; it just makes sense. When it all comes down to it, Kanye is all about the music and always has been.  

After two listens, it is safe to say Kanye delivered once again. He has captured the attention of the world and given an insightful, heartfelt and honest project. Fresh off of Pusha T destroying Drake, the G.O.O.D. music wave continues rise with the release of Ye. The release is still not available online just yet. When asked about the project ,longtime friend and collaborator of Kanye, Malik Yusef had this to say via Twitter.

Maybe this will be a work in progress, similar to how Life of Pablo was when it was released. We will see.

Cudi and Kanye are up next. Let’s see how he will top this release.