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White Navy dad beats Black teen during a soccer match

Timothy Vickerie, 14, was beaten by an enraged White man during a kids soccer match (Image Source: Facebook/Timothy Vickerie)

A soccer tournament in Virginia Beach, Virginia, reportedly devolved into an on-field assault against a Black teen by a White out-of-control U.S. Navy dad. It was a close game at the North American Sand Soccer Championship (NASSC), which up to 10,000 people have attended in the past.

According to witnesses, the score was 5-4 during one of the matches, and the teen competitors were playing an aggressive game.

Timothy Vickerie, 14, was battling it out for the ball with a White teen, when the opponent’s father, identified as Jordan Grinnell, 38, rushed onto the field during play. Grinnell then grabbed Timothy, slammed him to the ground and brutally pummeled his face. Witnesses stated that it took several grown men to pull the enraged Grinnell off the battered and dazed teen. One witness told CBS6 News, “The next thing I knew, 10 other dads had to wrestle him down. I was shaking. It was so shocking. I was in such disbelief. I couldn’t believe what I saw.”

According to Timothy’s mother, Sharonda Vickerie, “When I got to my son, he was bloody. His right eye was completely swollen. He was kind of in a daze, shocked and confused by everything.”

According to CBS6 News, Timothy was rushed to the hospital with a mild concussion while receiving several stitches in his face. Grinnell was arrested by police at the scene and charged with misdemeanor assault.

Chief Petty Officer Jordan Grinnell, 38, arrested for beating up a Black teen during a soccer match (Image Source: Facebook/ Timothy Vickerie)

News of the assault and images of the Timothy’s battered face created a social media firestorm. Soon Grinnell’s address was posted and what he did for a living. A spokesperson with the U.S. Navy Recruiting Command said Grinnell is active duty Navy  and a chief petty officer assigned to Navy Recruiting District Richmond. Because of his actions, Grinnell is now under a military investigation, which could lead to a disciplinary hearing and possible court-martial. At this time, an NRD Richmond spokesperson confirms CPO Grinnell’s involvement and that local law enforcement will be allowed to handle the issue first.