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Denzel Washington threatens the industry for this reason

Denzel Washington threatens the industry for this reason
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Denzel Washington has threatened to break the backs of anyone who messes with his daughter.

The 63-year-old actor’s daughter Olivia has moved into the movie business and speaking about her burgeoning career in relation to the MeToo movement, Denzel has warned everyone off harassing the up-and-coming 27-year-old star.

Asked whether Hollywood has changed in light of last year’s sex scandal, Washington said: “I hope so. I think there are just more rules in place. Time will tell on this one but it’s good right now.”

The Academy Award-winning actor feels like the industry has become a safer place for women since news of the sex scandal first emerged.

Asked if he feels Olivia is safeguarded as a young woman in the industry, Washington, who also has kids John David, 34, Katia, 30, and Malcolm, 27, told The i newspaper: “Yes, plus I will break somebody’s back if they mess around with my daughter. Let that be the message to put out there. Their back will be broken.”

Despite being one of the movie industry’s best-known stars, Washington admitted his life could have easily taken a very different turn.

The actor spent a sizeable part of his teenage years around three friends, one of whom died of AIDS and two who spent time in prison, but his mother and a high school counselor helped to steer him onto the right path.

He recalled, “Charles, Roy and Carl were in the same grade as me at school and my mother could see where it was heading.

“My counselor in high school said, ‘He’s a smart kid – get him out of here’ and they were right. I would have ended up with them.”

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