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Blacks not mad that Bill Cosby went to prison but that others remain free

Blacks not mad that Bill Cosby went to prison but that others remain free
Image: Facebook/@melanielangston

These above words blared out from this writer’s Facebook page like flashing neon lights, inciting some of the strongest reactions — and by far the most shared posts — I’ve ever personally seen.

At the heart of the matter is the fact that Dr. William H. Cosby Jr., aka comic legend Bill Cosby, 81, was sentenced to three to 10 years for drugging and sexually assaulting former Temple University employee Andrea Constand.

But, as most of the respondents have pointed out, Bill Cosby is the first — and so far the only — man in the #MeToo era to be marched off to prison for his crimes. This is despite the fact that dozens of accused and admitted male perverts, most of them White, have been disgraced on a national and international scale. Yet they continue to roam the streets to this day, free to commit the same perverted crimes that got them exiled from entertainment in the first place.

In fact, Matt Lauer, once arguably the most powerful man in broadcast news, is now trying for a comeback instead of staring at a jury in a courtroom for terrorizing women in his office and abroad. Same goes for disgraced comedian Louis C.K., whose documented perversions against women are enough to make you throw up in your mouth.

They are not alone. Superstar actor Kevin Spacey, who would routinely wrestle other men in corners in order to fondle them, is said to be trying to get back in front of the cameras.

Last but not least is toppled Hollywood giant Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused of raping and sexually assaulting women for the past 40 years if not longer. And if Weinstein was spurned by any women, he went out of his way to destroy their careers.

Why is Weinstein still walking the streets today, many people decry? Why is Bill Cosby the only man to languish away in prison for a crime that so many White men have committed?

This is what an exasperated Lamont Maxwell, of Akron, Ohio, has been saying all along. “I don’t understand why people can’t understand that my goodness (sic),” he said on Facebook.

Nyeusi Ty, also of Akron, wrote: Exactly! Ain’t nobody condoning s—, “IF” he’s guilty! Stop the shenanigans my PE👊🏿PLE. (sic)”

Melissa Beverly from Cleveland, Ohio, concurred with Maxwell when she wrote: “I just want the same to happen to all the men currently facing sexual assault charges!!! (sic)”

Deborah Lewis added: “EXACTLY DAMN HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD…(sic)”

JoAnn Harmony Franklin added this thought: “Tru cause a dirty bastard is a dirty bastard no matter what color I have grand girls and a lot of nice dogs go to hell holla..(sic)”

Tammie Skeen evoked former President Bill Clinton and recently disgraced former New York congressman Anthony Weiner for their high-profile sex scandals. Weiner, it must be noted, did go to prison, but only because he was sexting an underage girl.

Skeen wrote: “They sure enough left off Clinton & several other government officials. The worst part is Clinton was accused 10 known times while he was president & admitted to a couple if them….so why no punishment there…then there’s weiner & he was a pervert. I don’t think any judicial system is fair in the past 20 years toward public figures doing time….(sic)”

Jerry Thomas speaks for a few who say Cosby’s wholesale destruction was the result of a conspiracy: “Well I am mad that Bill Cosby has gone to jail on falsified information and hearsay from people who have already admitted that they were paid to make up accusations against him, mad because they destroyed him; even after killing his son; to keep him from buying NBC. Hell yeah, I am and you should be mad as hell!!! (sic)”

Melanie Langston of San Antonio had this simple message in response to the intense reaction she initiated when she first posted this on her Facebook page: “At least some of us are awake!!”

What is your take on Bill Cosby being only one of the dozens of powerful men to have been locked up so far?

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