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Female Success Factor » ‘Rolling out’ salutes military veteran Dr. Shawneequa M. Harris

‘Rolling out’ salutes military veteran Dr. Shawneequa M. Harris

Photo by Soul Brother

Who We Salute: Shawneequa M. Harris, CAPT (O-6), USPHS | DDS, MPH, DTM

Why We Salute Her: A brief scan of her lengthy resume is all it takes to deduce that Shawneequa M. Harris has more than made her mark in the world. As an accomplished health care executive and dental practitioner, Harris ably led diverse teams in both military and civilian life. A Texas native, Harris continues to stand at the forefront of her field, currently serving as a dental consultant for the Office of Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

Photo by Soul Brother

Rolling Out Quote of the Day:

“When I was doing my research on this award, I found out that Toyota really has a big heart for veterans. And with me being a veteran who spends time meeting other veterans — particularly women — I came to realize that we don’t really have a voice. So I’m just so thankful for a moment like this so that I can be a voice for so many who are forgotten.” — Dr. Shawneequa M. Harris