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Model Jasmine Daniels (Photo provided by Jasmine Daniels)

You might recognize model Jasmine Daniels, an Atlanta native who has appeared on runways and in major ad campaigns.

In this Model Monday segment, rolling out‘s Cassidy Sparks chats with Daniels via Skype about her inspiring journey, which has taken her from normal teenage life to slaying runways around the world.

How did you get your start as a model?

It’s funny because modeling was something that I never wanted to pursue. It wasn’t on my mind at all. It was kind of on accident. My mom wanted me to take pictures. It was more so [because] other people who would come up to her saying, “You should put her in modeling.” My dad and I are very realist[ic] and were like [modeling] isn’t a real job. We live in Atlanta, we don’t live in New York. I did it to make her happy. She posted the photos on the internet on different social media platforms. My current manager — who I have been with for seven years — saw my photos on Facebook. He called my mom and was trying to explain [that I] should be a model. It took him a couple times for me to believe him. I ended up signing with him, and I got with all of my agencies. I bounced around a little bit, but I’ve been [modeling] for seven years. I’ve grown to love it.

Reflecting on your career, what has modeling taught you?

It grew me up really quickly. It taught me how to be around adults [and] business entities as well. It taught me a lot of life lessons. It opened my eyes early. … It started from [age] 13. I knew how to manage money and talk to people, experience different cultures and countries, which I was blessed to do. [It] helped me go way further than anyone in my age range.

What has been the hardest moment of your career? The most rewarding moment?

For the most part, hard moments are when you have to be away from your family. … But the rewarding moment is seeing all of your hard work in real life [and in] physical form, like when I see myself in a magazine [or] a campaign or my friends find me all over the place.

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Jasmine Daniels details how her modeling journey helped her grow