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Music » Killer Mike and DJ Envy’s heated debate about public, private schools (video)

Killer Mike and DJ Envy’s heated debate about public, private schools (video)

Photo source: Instagram – @djenvy

One of the most resounding voices in the world of hip-hop activism interrupted the normal flow at “The Breakfast Club” when he tore into one of the deejays during a fierce debate about public and private schools.

Bodacious Atlanta-based rapper and businessman Killer Mike had a high-decibel showdown with DJ Envy when the radio co-host advocated for private schools over public ones.

Envy, a New York native who attended the private St. Francis Preparatory School in the prestigious Fresh Meadows neighborhood of Queens, said that he was afforded opportunities because his parents bypassed the less desirable Andrew Jackson public high school. Envy argued that it stood out on applications and gave him advantages over other White and Black students.

Envy said he put his children in private schools for that very reason.

Mike clapped back saying that experiences and opportunities for kids are totally different when your parents are rich and you are raised around white children.

“N—a, you rich!” Mike said. “And you can’t take that away. And my question becomes this: with all that great education you got, you turned out to be a DJ and a real estate investor. You didn’t have to go to college.”

Mike believes that Black parents put their children in private schools for bragging rights more than anything — particularly, as in DJ Envy’s case, he didn’t need the education to be a deejay or real estate investor.

“I don’t have no problem with you loving your children,” Mike said, “but my children go to public school because I pay taxes for public schools! And they’re named for Black people! And either you’re going to choose to be excellent and you’re going to do better, or you’re going to sit your chump a– down and you [are] going to keep being the same s— over and over!”

Killer Mike, born Michael Santiago Render, 43, said it’s ridiculous to expect Black kids to excel at private schools but not private ones.

“If you walk in[to] a school named for Frederick Douglass, and you do not have the initiative as the parent or the student to walk up and step up to that greatness — but you would do it at St. Pius [private school]?” he questioned. “You’d do it at St. Michael? Man, you a chump!”

Mike hastened to clarify that he wasn’t calling Envy, born Raashaun Casey, 41, “a chump.” By then, however, it was already past the point of no return with the two high-strung personalities.

Check out the heated exchange on YouTube below and then see the social media responses, which mostly back Killer Mike.