Kamala Harris blasted for lying on smoking weed and listening to Snoop, Tupac

Kamala Harris blasted for lying on smoking weed and listening to Snoop, Tupac
Senator Kamala Harris official (Photo Source: US Senate website)

Perhaps Kamala Harris was wracked with a case of the nerves, or perhaps she was deliberately trying to pander to the Black youth. Whatever the case, Black Twitter is making the 2020 presidential candidate out to be a bad liar since her visit to the renowned morning radio show, “The Breakfast Club.”

Harris agreed to appear on the no-holds-barred radio show in an attempt to win back some of the youth of America after her record as a California district attorney and attorney general showed that she broke state records locking up Black men, including nonviolent and low-level offenders.

It looks like Harris was not prepared to handle the triangulation crossfire of questions coming at her from both Charlamagne tha God and DJ Envy, particularly as it pertained to her choice to smoke weed and her alleged affinity for certain rappers when she got high.

Unlike former President Bill Clinton, who laughably denied that he “inhaled,” she went the Barack Obama route and admitted that she experimented with the drug during her collegiate, self-discovery years.

But Envy and Charlemagne didn’t allow her to stop there. Charlamagne asked what she would listen to when she smoked and she seemingly said “Tupac and Snoop.” Keep in mind that Envy just asked what she listens to in general, seconds prior.

Black Twitter is already on guard based on Harris’ record as a prosecutor in Northern California. But social media noted that Harris graduated from college in 1986 and Tupac and Snoop didn’t drop albums until 1991 and 1993, respectively. So, the collective thought is, her confession was a fabrication designed to get in good with the Black electorate.

Here is a snippet of that conversation:

DJ Envy: “What does Kamala Harris listen to?”

Charlamagne: “What were you listening to when you was high? Was it Snoop?”

Kamala: “Definitely Snoop, Tupac for sure, for sure…”

Some listeners thought Harris was simply answering a question about what music she listens to in general. Most, however, believe she was saying what was politically convenient, in order to ingratiate herself with Black youth.

Check out the interview with Harris and “The Breakfast Club” and decide for yourself if she was pandering to the Black community, or if you believe her detractors are being hypersensitive. Then check out the Black Twitter response afterward.



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