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Howard Stern destroys Wendy Williams about her show, illness and husband

Howard Stern destroys Wendy Williams about her show, illness and husband
Howard Stern with former NBA star Dennis Rodman.

Howard Stern tried to peel Wendy Williams scalp all the way off when he felt the morning talk show host came for him in a very disrespectful manner.

The legendary radio jock was rabid with anger when he learned of Williams comments on a recent episode of her eponymous show, where she discussed Stern’s first book in 20 years, Howard Stern Comes Again. Williams, 54, basically accused Stern of selling out to the establishment and “going Hollywood” on his fans. As a result of engaging in watered-down radio, Williams reasons, Howard has become hopelessly predictable and boring.

“Howard is so Hollywood right now. And Howard, I love you, but since you’ve gone Hollywood, everything you say is so predictable,” Williams, 54, said, explaining that Stern was her hero when she was coming up in the game. “Every story is going to be about, ‘Oh, I love this one, and then we went on their yacht.’ He’s a Hollywood insider, which sucks.

“You started out like me, being of the people,” she kept going. “But at some point, you sat behind the microphone for too long and now you are the people. It hurts.”

Williams should have predicted the fury that would spurt out with volcanic intensity from the famously sharp-tongued Stern. He appropriated the balance of his Sirius XM radio show to slow-roasting Williams as a media personality and hated celebrity, before moving on to her personal life, which included her illness and her husband’s alleged mistress.

“Jealous b—-. … You are nobody to me,” Stern, 65, said, among other insults during his prolonged, profanity-laced tirade. “You’ll never be me, Wendy. You’ll never be me. You can pretend to be me, you can pretend to be like me, but you’re not. You don’t have my wit and you don’t have my talent. … You couldn’t have that career. You’re a fly.”

“What evidence do you have that I’m Hollywood, honey?” he continued. “I grew up a scumbag and I’m still treated like a scumbag. … What, because I found success. now I’m ‘Hollywood?’ She doesn’t know what I do in this world. She doesn’t know who I’m f—— with.

“All she talks on that show is about Hollywood,” Stern alleged. “That’s as Hollywood as you get. If anyone in Hollywood called her to hang out, she’d [be there] in two seconds. All of that is a projection!”

Stern seemed genuinely perplexed and hurt from Williams’s unprovoked denigration of his recent career.

“What have I done to this woman? Nothing. I’ve been gracious to her,” Stern said. “Worry about your husband, not me. … F— you and your dumb show and your mystery illness. She disappears for two months, nobody knows why, and now she’s questioning me? Thanks, honey. …. I never fainted on my show either.

“I’m not somebody you want to f— with, honey. I don’t want to hear your bulls—. And you’re not a nice person. Nobody likes you.”

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