Relation-tips: How can women get better dating results?

Relation-tips: How can women get better dating results?
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What should women look for in a man to get better dating results?

Terry: I think a woman looking for a man that has goals of getting in a serious relationship, should pay attention to a man’s lifestyle and level of ambition, to make sure he’s actually doing something with his life and working towards accomplishing goals. She should also pay a lot of attention to his communication ability. How well does he articulate his thoughts and feelings and how much effort does he put into making sure he understands what you are trying to tell him. And the last thing she should be observing is his decision making. A man that is a poor decision maker, will be very difficult to establish and maintain a healthy relationship with. So I would suggest women pay attention to these things and make sure any potential suitor meets her standards in all of these categories to give herself a better shot at relationship success.

Christal:  I think most women are tempted to date men that consistently pursue them. Often we end up in relationships with men that show consistent interest in us, instead of waiting on the man that fits our list and rises to the standards that we set for ourselves. I have so many friends that will admit their current relationship isn’t one they are happy in and most of that is because they neglected the deal breakers they set for themselves in the beginning.

I think women are sometimes afraid their standards may be too high, so they lower them when a man comes around that is really interested. But that isn’t what they truly need in order to have a successful relationship. Settling for less will only come back to haunt you in the end. Even if a man is consistently pursuing you, if he isn’t the right fit, it won’t work. Hold out for the situation that is the best fit for you. Relationships birthed out of convenience aren’t usually the ones that lead to a healthy relationship.

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