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Why John Legend had to kick Chrissy Teigen out

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend (Photo credit: Splash News)

John Legend kicked Chrissy Teigen out. But don’t worry. It was just temporary.

It happened during their watch party for the hugely popular HBO fantasy drama “Game of Thrones.” The show returned to screens on Sunday, April 15, 2019, and while 40-year-old singer Legend joined in with the millions in watching the episode, he had to “lock out” his spouse and her friends, who were talking “too much” during the episode.

On Twitter, Chrissy shared: “the boys locked us out. they won’t let us watch #GoT because we talk too much @jenatkinhair @mrmikerosenthal (sic)”

The tweet was accompanied by a video which showed Teigen breaking back into the room, only to be confronted by Legend, while her friend Jen says: “We wanted to know what you guys were doing! We got scared.

Another clip showed Teigen stood in front of the large projector screen, which was paused, and giving what appeared to be a mock stand up comedy routine.

She said in the video: “What’s the deal with Jon Snow? Seriously!”, while Legend and his guests booed her performance.

Fans then took to the model’s replies to tell her they would’ve kicked her out too, while one fan even joked it was “grounds for divorce.”

The 33-year-old beauty then responded to her followers as she was left stunned by how “excited” they get for the show, which has just begun airing its highly anticipated eighth and final season.

She wrote: “you guys really f—ing love game of thrones. which is great. it is great to love things. I honestly thought it was the last episode ever or something, I’ve never seen humans so collectively excited. I am happy for you I really am. excited to find my game of thrones one-day.

“homeland and handmaids are the closest I’ve gotten to my personal game of thrones. I get excited to watch those (aside from anything bravo of course) (sic)”