Bushwick Bill of legendary Geto Boys reveals cancer scare

Bushwick Bill of legendary Geto Boys reveals cancer scare
Rapper Bushwick Bill with the rest of Geto Boys, Willie D and Scarface. Photo: Instagram/@therealbushwickbill

Bushwick Bill, the co-founder of the legendary 80’s/90’s rap group Geto Boys, has revealed that he has been beset with a severe medical condition and that the prospect for survival is grim.

The rapper, who was born Richard Stephen Shaw in Kingston, Jamaica, before becoming a Texas-based rap sensation with Geto Boys, told TMZ that he is battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer, which was diagnosed back in February.

The news came as a shock to him and his family because he underwent tests for a month regarding a large growth on his pancreas. The doctor’s told him initially that the mass was not problematic.

In a live interview with TMZ, Bushwick, 52, said he is currently undergoing “intensive” chemotherapy treatments, but that it is too early to give a definitive prognosis or insight as to how well the treatments are going.

Bushwick had kept his diagnosis close to the vest until now, sharing the information only with close family members. He didn’t even inform his former bandmates of Geto Boys —Scarface and Willie D — what he has been going through. He admitted he didn’t have it in his heart to tell them yet.

Bushwick also conveyed to the entertainment publication that he is strong and intends to fight this medical malady. He also said that he is not afraid to die, a revelation he expressed on “Ever So Clear” years ago. Check it out below and also one of the group’s classic hits, “My Mind is Playing Tricks on Me.”

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