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Cardi B admits feeling guilty

Cardi B admits feeling guilty
Cardi B (Photo credit: Splash News)

Cardi B is still adjusting to motherhood and having to balance work.

She admits she is experiencing “mom guilt” when she has to travel with her daughter.

The 26-year-old rapper has a 9-month-old daughter, Kulture Kiari, with her husband Offset, and has said she often feels guilty when she has to bring her daughter around the world with her because she ends up “feeling so sad” when the tot’s sleeping schedule gets “a little messed up.”

Speaking to “Entertainment Tonight,” Cardi B said: “I do experience that mom guilt, you know? She’s here, but it makes me sad sometimes because it’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, all that traveling.’ I know her sleeping schedule is getting a little messed up … every single time that she gets on an airplane, it’s all good until the landing. She starts crying, and I just be [sic] feeling so sad because I know the pain, you know, when your ears pop.”

The “I Like It” hitmaker also hates waking up with Kulture in her bed when she doesn’t have time to cuddle with her.

She added: “And sometimes I wake up in the morning and she’s in my bed and I just want to cuddle and [I can’t]. It is getting harder because she knows me. She recognizes more now and that’s, like, you can just tell she wants me to be there. Sometimes, when she sees me leaving, she looks up and goes, ‘B—h, where you going?’ ”

And while Cardi feels good about her post-baby body, on the whole, she admits she recently went under the knife to get her breasts redone.

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