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Education » Flatiron School helping the community learn to code

Flatiron School helping the community learn to code

Suliman Chillis, community marketing lead, Flatiron School Atlanta (Photo credit: Sadie Domineck for Steed Media Service)

Suliman Chillis, community marketing lead for Flatiron School Atlanta, is opening doors to the tech world for members of the community. Statistics have shown that women make up a small percentage of employment in the tech industry. Chillis would like to help change that. Flatiron School’s mission is to empower people to change things and Chillis is bringing diversity and life to Flatiron’s mission.

Kayshell Petty, Mama Codes Best workshop attendee (Photo credit: Sadie Domineck for Steed Media Service)

Connecting to the community

Chillis’ role as the community connector for the global school is to expose potential students to both the local campus and online courses, therefore, driving awareness to the school and its offerings. He aims to foster a good relationship between the Flatiron School and the local community. Chillis is leveraging his role to diversify the ever-growing tech industry, ensuring the connections he makes are a true representation of the local and global population the school serves.

Flatiron School professor Roncee Ricardo assisting Mama Codes Best attendees (Photo credit: Sadie Domineck for Steed Media Service)

Mama Codes Best

Chillis’ assertive efforts to embed Flatiron into the city of Atlanta is off to a great start with the “Mama Codes Best” workshop. “I love mothers. I wanted to create an opportunity for women of various backgrounds to come together and learn. To learn something different, like how to code,” Chillis said.

The workshop was held at Flatiron’s Atlanta campus, Mother’s Day weekend. The atmosphere was filled with laughter, music and amazing smells from the catered brunch by renowned chef Mike Boska. Flatiron professor and alum Roniece Ricardo led the class with a hands-on approach. From the novice to the skilled, everyone had something to discover or gain. Workshop attendee Kayshell Petty stated, “The coding workshop was a great way to learn something new, and as a mom, it’s flexible and I can do it [coding] from home.”

For more information on upcoming workshops, community events, and resources in your area, please visit the Flatiron School Eventbrite page.