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Rapper beaten into a coma

Rapper beaten into a coma
Rapper DaBaby. Photo: Instagram – @dababy

A rapper who was set to open up as the headliner for DaBaby near Boston was reportedly beaten into submission by DaBaby’s security team and was hospitalized, with his mother claiming that he was in a coma and near death, according to multiple media reports.

Don Trag was scheduled to go on for a concert in Lawrence, Massachusetts, about a 30-minute drive northwest of Boston when the episode popped off.

According to Don Trag’s brother’s claims, he only tried to get a picture with DaBaby before he went on to perform when the security team pummeled him with repeated shots to the head and upper torso region. He says the brother is suffering from swelling in the head and neck.

CBS Boston said Don Trag’s mother was in attendance to watch her son perform.

“Three big guys, young guys killing each other. They could’ve killed him,” said Trag’s mother, Nerlande Saladin. “His neck and head, because they hit him in the head a lot. His eye is all bloodied… It’s just so sad to see my son like that.”

DaBaby sources, however, told TMZ that Da Trag was “aggressive” with DaBaby and that’s when the security team interceded forcefully.

By the time police arrived, Trag had already been taken to the hospital. TMZ said no one wanted to cooperate with the investigation, which is still underway.

Don Trag checked himself out of the hospital and went home with his mother in Stoughton, Mass. But later, Trag collapsed and was then taken to a medical center in Boston, where he is now hospitalized.

The mother told TMZ that Don Trag was in a coma. CBS Boston did not mention his current condition, nor prognosis. Both publications reported the mother is mulling over her legal recourses.

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