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Aaron Carter claims Michael Jackson was once inappropriate with him

Michael Jackson (Photo source: Splash News)

Singer, Aaron Carter recently came forward claiming Michael Jackson was “inappropriate” towards him on one occasion.

The “I Want Candy” hitmaker spoke about his experience with the late King of Pop – who passed away in 2009 – in a short clip from an upcoming episode of “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition.” Carter alleges that while he believes Jackson was “a really good guy,” there was one instance where he behaved inappropriately.

And in the clip from the WE series – which was obtained by People magazine – he said: “Michael was a really good guy, as far as I know, a really good guy. He never did anything that was inappropriate. Except for one time. There was one thing that he did that was a little bit inappropriate.”

But now, the 31-year-old singer has insisted that Michael Jackson “didn’t do anything sexual” toward him. He says the story being told in the clip “validates he didn’t do anything sexual,” and says the “inappropriate” act has nothing to do with sexual harassment.

In a tweet, he wrote: “everyone having my back I appreciate you. My reasoning for even speaking on this subject is to tell my truth, be real and to also have his back based on my experiences with Michael. He was an amazing guy, I stand by that. So I ask u not to turn this into something it isn’t.”

Carter then went on to reply to several people who have since deleted their tweets, in which he says he’s not trying to “achieve anything” except share his truth about his experience with the Thriller hitmaker.

He wrote: “I told the same truth years ago for no money? Soooo what’s your point? I’m also his best advocate considering my story VALIDATES HE DIDNT DO ANYTHING!! F—ing CHILL!!

“In my opinion, it was a little inappropriate. What’s the problem with that? What [have] I achieved? I’m not trying to achieve anything except telling my story to validate he didn’t f—ing do anything sexual! Are you all this stupid? Honestly?

“I’m sorry but where in the definition of “inappropriate” does it mention sexual misconduct? (sic)”

He had previously vowed to tell his story about Jackson after the “Billie Jean” singer was accused by Wade Robson and James Safechuck in the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland of sexual abuse when he befriended them both as children.