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Benzino’s racist tirade against cop caught on bodycam

Music producer and magazine owner Benzino (Photo source: Instagram –@iambenzino)

Former “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star and entrepreneur Benzino went on a long, loud and racist tirade against an Asian American police officer during a traffic stop in suburban Atlanta.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution was one of the first outlets to report on the video that is now on YouTube shows an irate Benzino, whose real name is Raymond Scott, repeatedly using racial slurs, sexist language and other vulgarities against a female Asian officer at high decibels after being arrested.

The AJC identified the Brookhaven officers who detained and arrested Benzino as T. Nguyen and K. Martinez.

The fracas began shortly before noon on June 22, 2019, in the tony town of Brookhaven, Georgia, just north of Atlanta’s glitzy Buckhead district. Benzino, 53, claimed he was dropping off his son, Taj Collins. He also has a daughter, Brittany Collins.

Officers reportedly noticed that Benzino’s automobile was blocking traffic at the intersection of Durden Road near Blackburn Park.

When Benzino noticed the squad car behind him, he sped away to a nearby apartment complex, but not before the officer learned Benzino had a warrant for his arrest for failure to appear. The officer immediately called for back up. And that is where the fireworks began.

As rolling out previously reported, Benzino seemed aghast and mystified as to why he was being detained. He blamed the traffic stop on racial profiling. But when the female officer notified Benzino that the law gives police the right to look up license plates at their discretion, he did not have an answer.

Benzino unleashed an endless stream of profanities and vulgarities at both officers, but especially the female cop, as can clearly be seen in the video. And when she notified Benzino that he was being arrested for failing to appear in court for driving without insurance, the world seemed to go dark for Benzino.

“I didn’t do nothing, and I swear to God if that ticket ain’t valid,” Benzino threatened that there would be lawsuits, which he repeated multiple times to the female officer while intermixing racist and sexist language. Benzino even talked about the officer’s mother in a way that would start fights on the streets.

Benzino was so heated that he kept unfurling words so foul that they cannot be repeated in this publication. Nor can the video be shown on our site. However, the video can be viewed on YouTube by typing in the words: “Real World Police” and “Benzino.”

You will see Benzino continue the prolonged tirade even after the squad car has long left the scene of the arrest and is en route to the DeKalb County Jail in neighboring Decatur, Georgia.

Benzino is well-known among urbanites as a music producer and as the owner of the hip-hop magazines The Source and Hip Hop Weekly. He is also a former close buddy of Stevie J who also starred on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.”