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Dwayne Johnson gives fans an update on HBO’s ‘Ballers’

Dwayne Johnson. (Image source: Instagram – @therock)

Dwayne Johnson made an announcement about the popular HBO series, “Ballers.”

The 47-year-old actor plays retired NFL pro Spencer Strasmore, who becomes a financial advisor after quitting the game in the show, which will now come to an end after the upcoming fifth season.

Johnson admitted that his heart is “full of gratitude” for the success of the HBO show, which has been the channel’s “highest-rated comedy in the past five years.”

Speaking in a video on Instagram, he said: “I felt like it was an opportunity not only to embrace culture, not only to embrace ambition, not only to embrace success as we do on the show, but also to embrace the failures, which is a key and critical thing in life, is to embrace those failures and learn from them.

“Here we are, five years later, and you, the fans, have made ‘Ballers’ HBO’s highest-rated comedy the past five years, which is just incredible considering the tremendous comedies that have been on HBO.”

The Baywatch actor — who is also an executive producer on the program alongside  Mark Wahlberg, Peter Berg and Andy Garcia — thanked the channel, cast and the supporters for helping to make the show successful and admitted it has been an “honor” to work on the series.

He said: “I want to thank HBO for being tremendous partners, and I also want to thank the cast. We have all become great friends and family.

“[They] have committed their time and talents to this show. It has been an honor to do, it has been an honor to produce, and it has been an honor to deliver to you guys, the fans.

“Thank you for the support. Thank you for the love. Thank you for rocking with us, thank you for ballin’ with us. And enjoy this final season of ‘Ballers’, starting this Sunday,”

He captioned the video: “Cheers to our FINAL SEASON of @HBO’s BALLERS.”