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Teen tennis sensation Coco Gauff shares Michelle Obama’s advice to her (photos)

Cori Guaff with one of her two idols, Serena Williams. (Photo: [email protected])

Cori “Coco” Gauff captured the imagination of tennis fans worldwide with her improbable feat at the world’s most prestigious tennis platform this past summer, Wimbledon, which got the attention of beloved former first lady Michelle Obama.

Gauff continues to enthrall tennis fans with her electrifying play during another major tournament, the U.S. Open which is the sport’s final major tournament of the season. Held in the Flushing Meadows section of Queens in New York City, Gauff scored a heart-palpitating, come-from-behind victory on Tuesday, Aug. 27 against Anastasia Patapova, 3-6, 6-2, 6-4.

It was after her historic appearance at Wimbledon when Gauff, 15, defeated one of her idols, Venus Williams, in straight sets (you can easily guess who Gauff’s other idol is) that she found this message from Obama, causing her to let out a scream.

According to, Obama went on to say on Twitter that Gauff was a “wonderful young woman and an example of what the next generation can do.” Gauff excitedly responded that Obama was an “inspiration” to her.

After the mutual lovefest was over, Gauff appeared at the City Open in August when she was notified that Obama wanted to meet with her. During the get-together, Obama gave Gauff a signed copy of her all-time bestselling autobiography Becoming. Gauff returned the kindness by giving Obama a signed tennis racquet.

Later, Gauff shared the invaluable advice that Obama gave the precocious teen. She said  Obama told her “stay focused and stay calm,” Gauff said, according to She went on to share that the other nuggets of advice are the ones that seem to trip young people up frequently.

Obama counseled her:

  • That people aren’t going to like her all of the time;
  • Some of the same people who are supporting her now could be the ones who try to tear her down in the future;
  • Value the opinions of those who love her.

Right now, the public is having a sports lovefest with dynamic teen and it is sure to continue as Gauff enters the second round on Thursday, Aug. 29, against Timea Babos.