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Actress Essence Atkins gives moving acceptance speech for Woman of Influence

“Ambitions” stars Kendrick Cross, Essence Atkins and Brely Evans with rolling out publisher Munson Steed: Photo credit – Eddy “Precise” Lamarre

A conversation with women’s rights crusader, Essence Atkins

In a poignant and moving show of genuine gratitude, beloved actress Essence Atkins, star of the hit television show “Ambitions,” expressed heartfelt appreciation as she accepted the 2019 Woman of Influence Award from show co-stars Kendrick Cross and Brely Evans at Loudermilk Center on Friday, Sept. 6. “This is such a surprise,” she said through tears. “I started crying as soon as I saw Kendrick and Brely up here. This means a lot to me, but it especially means a lot to me, coming from you two,” Atkins said emotionally.

Following the award acceptance, the 47-year-old actress sat down with lifestyle influencer Jesse Woo to discuss the road to stardom and her commitment to women’s empowerment.

Did you know that you would be as accomplished as you are when you started your career?

To be honest, no. I had no idea that this would be the legacy of me or that it would take this long to get to this point where I feel like would ever love this business more 30 years in than I did when I started, but I do. So, I know that this is a part of my purpose. Click here continue

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