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Marriage: Is it for better or worse?

Photo credit: / Andrii Kobryn

By Monica Bey

They say that marriage is for better or for worse. But what does that mean?

It’s all good in the beginning when things are fresh and new and it feels like you can conquer the world with your partner by your side. For many, fast-forward to 10 years later and you and your partner have had experiences that have changed you both into different people.

Have your values changed? Are you still striving toward the same goals from 10 years ago? Do you have the same feelings about certain decisions that you did in the beginning of your marriage as opposed to now?

The fact is, within a lifetime, a single person can have a multitude of experiences that may influence a different mental, physical or even emotional state than they’ve previously had, which may have a significant impact on the relationship they have with their partner.

For example, a young couple may get married with the verbal agreement that they’ll never have kids. What happens if one person has a life-altering incident that causes them to rethink their stance on having children? How is the other person supposed to feel, or even respond? Can the relationship survive?

While everyone’s marriage and relationship may be different, here are some helpful tips to consider when verbal agreements have been compromised and wants and desires have changed within a long-term relationship:

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