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Singer-songwriter Travis Malloy reflects on his music influences and new album

Travis Malloy at rolling out studios. (Photo credit: Joy Nealey for Steed Media)

Singer-songwriter Travis Malloy is spreading feel-good music with his soulful voice and inspiring lyrics.

In September 2009, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, native released his debut album, Lift Him Up, which was produced by J. Drew Sheard and featured Kierra Sheard. In September 2019, Malloy released the fourth album he’s written and produced, Faith Journey.

Malloy will be one of the recording artists featured in the inaugural Imaginarium Film and Music Festival Oct. 18-19 at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia.

Rolling out spoke with Malloy about his musical influences, his new album and his involvement in the upcoming Imaginarium Film and Music Festival.

What led you to music?

Church. You know we all started in church. Somehow just being in church and listening to the music and listening to how music impacted people for the good … [and how it was] drawing souls to Christ or just encouraging them. Even if it wasn’t … specifically gospel music, it was just encouraging music and encouraging people that life will get better and things will get better for you.

Describe the journey that led you to only writing songs when receiving a sign from God.

You know how sometimes you can kind of just write a song because you know how to write a song. Or you can do things just because you’ve kind of learned how to do it. But because of my relationship with God, I want everything that I do to be inspired by God. Somehow [whether] it’s gospel, [whether] it’s inspirational, [whether] it’s love songs, I want it to come from him because, when it comes from him it’s special because he’s who gave me the gift.

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