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NFL star with Seattle Seahawks reveals why he remains a virgin at 27

Tyler Lockett (Image source: Instagram – @TylerLockett)

An NFL star recently revealed that he has never experienced a sexual relationship.

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett made the revelation in his debut poetry book, Reflection.

Lockett, 27, said that he’s a virgin. During an interview with ESPN, he elaborated on his choice to abstain from sex.

He’s currently in a relationship but will save himself from marriage. “She’s cool with being able to wait until marriage,” Lockett shared with Adam Schefter of ESPN. “So, for me, as long as somebody understands what they’re getting into and respects it, that’s all that matters.”

Lockett is not the first athlete to reveal that he was a virgin while in his prime as a pro athlete. In 1989, A.C. Green of the Los Angeles Lakers said that he was a virgin and decided to wait until marriage to have sex.

Green’s teammates would send women to his hotel room, but he would always turn down the offer to engage in sex. He remained a virgin his entire NBA career and did not have sex until 2002 when he married his wife of 17 years Veronique Green.

Lockett’s focus has paid off on the field, he currently leads the Seahawks in receiving.

Reflection is scheduled for release on Tuesday, Oct. 15.