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Atatiana Jefferson was reportedly playing with nephew when killed by White cop

Atatiana Jefferson (Image source: Jefferson)

More details are emerging surrounding the tragic fatal shooting of Atatiana Jefferson.

On Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019, Jefferson, who is Black, was shot and killed by a White police officer while she was in her home in Fort Worth, Texas, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Jefferson was killed around 2:30 a.m. after police responded to a non-emergency call. The caller had asked for someone to check on her safety. However, bodycam footage reveals that the cop, whose name has not yet been released, yelled for Jefferson to put her hands up before firing multiple gunshots inside of the home.

According to Jefferson’s family attorney Lee Merritt, she had been playing video games with her 8-year-old nephew before she was shot and killed.

In a Facebook post, Merritt shared more details about Jefferson’s life prior to her untimely death.

“Before law enforcement goes about their pattern of villainizing this beautiful peaceful woman, turning her into a suspect, a silhouette, or threat, let me tell you about 28-year-old Atatiana Jefferson,” Merritt wrote.

“She was a premed graduate of Xavier University. She was very close to her family. She was the auntie that stayed up on Friday night playing video games with her 8-year-old nephew. She worked in pharmaceutical equipment sales. Her mom had recently gotten very sick, so she was home taking care of the house and loving her life. There was no reason for her to be murdered. None. We must have justice.”

Prosecutors have yet to reveal if the cop who shot Jefferson to death will be charged with murder.