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Lauren London announces partnership with Nipsey Hussle’s The Marathon Clothing

Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle. (Photo source: Instagram – @nipseyhussle).

There were legitimate fears that The Marathon Clothing store would collapse following the untimely loss of its founder, Nipsey Hussle, in March 2019.

But not only has the brand remained vibrant, Hussle’s girlfriend, Lauren London, has announced The Marathon Clothing has entered into a partnership on a limited-edition collection.

London declared to her nearly nine million Instagram followers that The Marathon Clothing will be working with Fear of God.

“Nipsey was a big supporter of Jerry Lorenzo’s fashion efforts through both his Fear of God and Essentials brands, having worn several pieces in music videos and other iconic career moments, we, The Marathon Clothing, wanted to see through a collaboration with Fear of God as Nipsey always envisioned it.”

The “08 Crenshaw” capsule, released on Oct. 25, will feature a crewneck sweater, pullover hoodie, sweatpants, and sweat shorts available in Nipsey blue and grey. The line of clothing will only available for purchase at Fear of God’s “Atmosphere” retail exhibition in Los Angeles.

All of the net proceeds will reportedly go toward Hussle’s children’s trust fund.