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Spelman College to use $2M gift for 1st ‘queer studies’ chair at an HBCU

The establishment of the first-ever Queer Studies Chair at Spelman College, named after legendary LGBTQ activist Audre Lorde, has generated mixed reactions on social media.

On Facebook, a woman named Camille Ward applauded the implementation of a queer studies program by saying: “To evolve and adapt is the mark of intellect and strength.”

However, Clarence Page is not supportive of the move, saying simply: “Camille Ward Please see Galatians chapter 1 (in the Holy Bible).”

Melissa Bracely said that “this is truly a teachable moment. I’ve had to learn and relearn a great deal returning to school, my dream school mind you and discovering that my 40-year-old thinking was viewed as antiquated.”

Fred Matthews countered with this comment: “I don’t know why I thought I was sending my two daughters to a Christian School … I think it’s that motto ‘our whole school for Christ’ that got me.”

How do you feel about Spelman’s Queers studies chair?

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