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Minister EnQi shares how Dr. Sebi inspired him and ‘SoulCraft’

Minister EnQi (Photo credit: RKITECH)

Minister EnQi is dedicated to the physical and spiritual health of Black people. The Dr. Sebi protégé spoke with rolling out about his relationship with the late Dr. Sebi, our souls and why it is important for him to share his knowledge.

Talk about who you are.

I am a father, dad, ordained minister, master herbalist, personal trainer, sports nutritionist and a naturopathic doctor.

What inspired you to speak about matters of health?

I had a seizure so bad my heart literally stopped beating. From that moment, everything changed for me. I knew implicitly that our time here was not guaranteed. 

What would you say is the most pressing issue when it comes to the health of Black people?

I think the most pressing issue that we face in regards to our health, mentally and physically is the lack of information surrounding our soul. Practicing the healing arts with great success at healing the unhealable, i.e., broken neck and spine, cancer etc. All these issues were rooted in the soul but not in a weird disconnected church way. Your soul is as real and tangible as your hands or face. 

What impact did Dr. Sebi have on you?

Dr. Sebi provided the basis for my major discoveries, for example, the physical soul (the plasma in the brain’s four ventricles) and that melanin does not perform photosynthesis, it is instead photovoltaic. This has to do with the production of electric current in our cells. Information like this helped me to take my 4- year-old daughter from ICU with the prognosis of never walking again to playing baseball on her high school team.

You have written a number of books. What are some of the titles and why is it important for you to share this information?

The most important thing is to transmit this information. This is the main drive behind my new book titled SoulCraft. The book is based on the ancient kemetic science of building the soul and spirit for us in modern times. I’m writing the book in the public eye by releasing the video version of each portion of the book as I type it. To date, the foreword to SoulCraft, SoulCraft Ch. 1 and SoulCraft Ch. 2 are available on YouTube for consumption and critique.

The human body is very complicated. I did what no other successful healer has ever done. I wrote every protocol down in a previous book of mine titled Eat Right 4 Yeur Haplotype. The book teaches the roots of life [and] biochemistry in an urban form, the proper application of the god Ogun who came to us in the personage of Alfredo “Dr. Sebi” Bowman’s diet as well as detailed protocols clinically proven against almost every illness know to man.

What is next for you?

I just came off tour with HA HA Davis and I will be in the Dr. Sebi movie being produced by Nick Cannon.

Check out SoulCraft Chapter 2 below