Bishop Al Cook is on a mission to help shape humanity

Bishop Al Cook
Bishop Al Cook (Photo courtesy of Sheepish Narco Photography Co.)

Bishop Al Cook is on a mission to help shape humanity by helping people across the globe recognize the power in the words they speak. He desires for people to understand how their spoken words shape reality and truly preaches and teaches what he practices.

As a pastor, what is your greatest or proudest achievement?

I’ve been blessed throughout my pastoral journey, through God’s grace and favor, to achieve success. The manifestation of my book, I’ll Be Damned If I Say It, is one of my proudest achievements. I spoke it in 2013 and in 2019 it came to pass.

What three successful habits are a part of your daily routine that help you maintain your success, sanity, and peace of mind?

The three habits that are routine for me consist of prayer, Bible study, and meditating on what I’ve [studied]. Like one who physically works out daily, we must spiritually strengthen ourselves with these fundamentals.

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