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NeNe Leakes buys son a house and gets lit up by his ex-girlfriend

Gregg and NeNe Leakes (Photo source: Instagram – @neneleakes)

NeNe Leakes was lit up by her son’s ex-girlfriend after she bought him a home for his birthday.

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star purchased son Bryson Bryant a new four-bedroom, three-bathroom house. Almost immediately, the mother of Bryant’s child scorched Leakes for the gift, saying Bryant doesn’t deserve the house because he “can’t take care of himself.”

Symone Davis also accused Leakes of making the purchase to advance her “image.”

“Why would a woman buy a grown a– man a house?” Davis asked followers on her Instagram Live video that was captured by All About the Tea. 

“F— NeNe. F— her money,” she wrote.

Davis told RadarOnline that Bryant has denied he’s the father of her 2-year-old son, Blaze. And he has gotten ghost when she’s tried to get him to own up to his responsibilities. Bryant, 30, already has four other children.

“He’s been dodging me left and right every time I’ve tried to have him served with papers to pay child support for our son,” she told the entertainment publication.

Davis, who owns a design business, also said Leakes has been an absentee grandmother.

“NeNe doesn’t help out and doesn’t even acknowledge me or her grandson,” she said. “She claims she’s a very rich b—- but won’t even help put food or diapers on the table for her own flesh and blood.”

Davis added the charge that Bryant has not “bought a sock, diaper, pull up, bottle, happy meal, nothing for Blaze. Yet is always asking me for money or to order him a pizza bc he’s hungry.”