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D.L. Hughley explains why Cardi B can win a political election

Cardi B at Target Center (photo credit: Nagashia Jackson)

A disgusted D. L. Hughley conceded that rapper Cardi B has an excellent chance to successfully run for political office because the American electorate is not that bright. Hughley doesn’t have much respect for the average voter these days.

“I will put nothing past the American electorate. The only thing that you don’t need experience to do is to hold elected office in America,” Hughley told TMZ.

“When you elect a game show host as president, all hope is off,” the Kings of Comedy alum added.

Viewed from such a grim prism, Hughley believes that Cardi, 27, stands a good chance to snag a political seat if she really wants it. The rapid-tongue rapper, born Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, admitted that she has political aspirations on social media.

Hughley admits that he is dumbfounded at the people who are in high offices these days who have low political acumen and experience.

“You wouldn’t go to a doctor who didn’t have experience. You wouldn’t let an airplane pilot fly who didn’t have experience. The reason why we’re in the situations we are in right now is … people have little [to] no experience and aren’t interested in it.”

The wife of rapper Offset has been publicly pushing Sen. Bernie Sanders who has surged ahead in the Democratic presidential race according to the Iowa polls. Hence, TMZ asked Hughley if he could envision a Sanders-Almanzar presidential ticket.

Hughley retorted by spitting out two words: Sarah Palin.

To be fair, much-maligned Palin did have previous political experience before she was picked by the late Sen. John McCain to join his Republican presidential ticket in 2008. Palin served as the governor of Alaska.