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Rayven Symone Ferrell discusses how she prepared for ‘The Kamiyah Mobley Story’

Every year of an actress’ career is formative. They look to role models and the experiences they receive from each role or interaction to push their careers toward their goals. In this regard, Rayven Symone Ferrell is no different.

Ferrell, who stars in the Lifetime movie Stolen by Mother: The Kamiyah Mobley Story, has had quite the career thus far. At the age of 24, her resume includes roles in The Bobby Brown Story, “Chicago P.D.,” and “Greenleaf.”

She’s had the pleasure of working with some of the most accomplished individuals in entertainment, including Robin Roberts, Niecy Nash, and Mary J. Blige, to name a few. Ferrell  said she has established good habits as a result of working closely with such professionals, with time management being at the top of her list.

“You really just have to know that time is very valuable, every minute of it,” Ferrell said.

“I had 5 a.m. pick-ups at my hotel, and I’m not getting back to the hotel until 10 or 11 o’clock at night. And I have things that I have to learn for the next day. So, those times where you’re chilling in your trailer, or where there are breaks in between scenes or a lunch break, you have to take advantage of all of that time and focus on what’s next.”

For Ferrell, prioritizing what’s next means working within a strategic framework for how she spends her downtime. But even with all of the work priorities she has to sort through, she makes sure that she prioritizes herself as well.

“You also have to put time aside to rest, because if you aren’t rested you aren’t your best,” she said.

Being well-rested gives Ferrell the energy to prepare to the best of her ability. Within that preparation, she’s worked diligently to develop great habits and learn attention to detail. These traits are also a by-product of attentively working with well-rounded professionals.

“Just watching them work, you pick up on little things,“ Ferrell explained. “How they get into certain mindset areas, what they do to prepare, all of that goes into play [in determining] how a scene turns out.”

Two stand out for her: Regina King and Viola Davis. She especially admires their ability to make an audience feel emotions.

“[Regina King] does it all. She’s great at everything she does, directing, acting … and just like Viola, I feel like she’s very captivating. Especially with her most recent [shows], The Watchmen and Seven Seconds,” Ferrell said.

“Those were performances where you couldn’t help but sit there and feel for her and have empathy for her character.”

Given the trajectory that Ferrell’s career is on, she’s poised to be one of the most renowned actresses in the industry. Her most recent role in the Lifetime movie Stolen By My Mother: The Kamiyah Mobley Story, is a testament to giving the most of oneself for a poignant portrayal. The movie also stars Niecy Nash, and will debut on Saturday, Jan. 18, on the Lifetime network.

—jordan woods