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‘Bad Boys 4’ planned as ‘Bad Boys for Life’ tops the competition

Bad Boys For Life

Hollywood, California – Jan. 14, 2020: Will Smith and Martin Lawrence attend the Los Angeles premiere of Columbia Pictures’ Bad Boys for Life. (Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures)

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence apparently bottled up some of that Bad Boys magic, shook it up like a soda can, then sprayed it all over audiences nationwide once again.

According to Forbes‘ projections, Bad Boys for Life raked in nearly $70 million, making it one of the biggest box-office successes ever for the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.

It also makes Bad Boys for Life the second-biggest January opening of all time.

What’s more, The Hollywood Reporter states that Sony had already planned for a Bad Boys 4 movie even before Bad Boys for Life hit theaters.

Chris Bremner, who penned the Bad Boys for Life script, has been already been appointed to come up with the script for the fourth installment, starring Smith and Lawrence, of course.

There’s no word on when Bad Boys 4 will hit theaters, but the publications predict fans will not have to wait very long.