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Police issue warrant for Antonio Brown’s arrest on felony charges

Antonio Brown (Image source: Instagram – @ab)

Some sports pundits believe they are witnessing the end of the spectacular and historic career of troubled NFL star Antonio Brown, which appears to be circling the drain.

Hollywood Police Department officials have issued a warrant for Brown’s arrest after he allegedly assaulted and burglarized a truck driver who was reportedly delivering furniture to the wide receiver’s home in South Florida.

Hollywood police spokesman Christian Latta informed ESPN that 31-year-old Brown is being charged with a felony and two misdemeanors in the episode — burglary with battery along with burglary of an unoccupied conveyance and criminal mischief.

Brown immediately barricaded himself in his gated community in Hollywood, about a 30-minute drive north of Miami, when officers arrived on the scene and has avoided answering the door ever since. But Latta said the department would wait until Thursday, Jan. 23, for Brown to turn himself in before going to arrest the irascible and contentious football star.

Brown’s friend who was at the home at the time, former NFL player-turned-trainer Glen Holt, has already been arrested and thrown into the Broward County jail. He has since been released on a $20,000 bond on a felony charge of battery with burglary.

Court documents obtained by TMZ state that the moving truck driver attempted to collect $4,000 that was due for transporting Brown’s belongings from Los Angeles to Florida.

When the driver attempted to leave, Brown allegedly threw a rock that caused damage to the truck. The unidentified driver then called police to report the incident.

Afterward, the moving company told the driver to return to Brown’s home after Brown agreed to pay the fee. But another argument erupted because Brown refused to pay the late fee or for the damage to the driver’s truck.

This is when Brown’s friend Holt attempted to take the driver’s keys from him and remove Brown’s furniture from the truck. The ensuing struggle allegedly caused some scratches and injuries to the driver, leading to Holt’s arrest.