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Tracee Ellis Ross reveals what happened when she styled her hair with beer

The 47-year-old star even resorted to trying to “iron” her hair straight.

“I’ve tried all of it. I tried ironing my hair with an actual clothing iron. Many, many things that all of us try and do. And then I started to educate myself both about what worked on my hair and what didn’t.”

Once she eventually got her hair looking and feeling healthy again, she became “extremely protective” of her locs and wouldn’t let anyone else style her.

She said: “Then by the time I had nursed my hair back to health, I was extremely protective of it. When I started acting professionally, I wouldn’t let anyone touch it and I did my hair myself.

“In ‘Girlfriends,’ for most of the first two seasons, I didn’t let hair people touch my hair for me.”

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