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Tia Mowry flaunts her bold new haircut (photo)

Despite her difficult time, Mowry is adamant her new haircut will bring her a fresh outlook and appreciation.

She continued: “It’s part of a new year, new me — mentally and physically. After having my children, I was inspired to take better care of me.

“Whatever helps you get to that point — do it. Sadly, life is too short not to be the best version of yourself.”

The “Sister, Sister” star first began taking care of her natural hair later in life after feeling pressured to straighten her curls when she was 15 years old.

She explained: “My sister [Tamera] and I started in this business and I’ve never worn my hair curly until adulthood. My curly hair was seen as problematic and inconvenient, and it made me insecure.”

In 2014, Mowry first saw the natural hair movement and began to embrace her curls.

She recalled: “My outlook changed in adulthood. I felt like, If this is what God gave me, I am gonna roll with it.”

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