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Oprah Winfrey reveals secrets in a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ with Gayle King

Both women had to put one of the fingers from their raised hands down when they admitted they had had one-night stands in 1982 and had considered cosmetic surgery, while King got the giggles when asked if she’d ever lied to her best friend about her whereabouts.

Oprah said of her pal: “That’s a good story.”

King declined to give details and simply said: “I’m just gonna put my finger down.”

Oprah said: “You should put two fingers down.”

Neither woman has ever been to a strip club and only King had been skinny-dipping.

However, she asked: “Does a hot tub count as a skinny-dipping?”

Oprah said: “I’ve never skinny-dipped and I’ve got three pools at home.”

The pair has never been to a strip club or pole danced, but the question gave Oprah an idea.

She told King: “This birthday I’m gonna get you a pole, girl. For the woman who has everything.”

Her friend replied: “Does it come with a man? If it comes with a man then do that.”

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