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Oprah Winfrey reveals secrets in a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ with Gayle King

Oprah Winfrey reveals secrets in a game of 'Never Have I Ever' with Gayle King
Oprah Winfrey at the Los Angeles premiere of Disney’s “A Wrinkle In Time.” (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Oprah Winfrey often pretends to recognize famous people who say hello to her.

The 66-year-old media mogul admitted she frequently comes into contact with stars that she can’t remember meeting in the past, so she has to fake a greeting.

Asked if she’s ever pretended to know a celebrity when she in fact didn’t, she admitted: “I do it all the time. I don’t know anybody. I’m walking through the crowds like, ‘Hey! How you doing?'”

Her friend Gayle King added: “We’ll say, ‘She’s been on your show before, he’s been on your show before.'”

The two friends were playing a game of “Never Have I Ever” for Oprah Magazine series “The OG Chronicles.” Guest host Ashley Graham left Oprah baffled with her first question when she asked if either of them had ever stalked someone on Instagram.

The Wrinkle in Time star said: “I don’t even know what that is.”

Graham explained: “You go to their page and look through every single photo and what their caption is, who’s commenting.”

Oprah exclaimed: “What are you doing that for? No.”

Oprah also confessed to having interviewed someone she disliked but neither she nor King had ever sexted and were stunned when Graham admitted she had exchanged raunchy texts and pictures with her husband Justin Ervin.

Oprah said: “Hell no, are you kidding me? You never know where that picture’s gonna end up.”

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