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Woman jailed for coughing on cop and saying she has coronavirus

Photo: ArtOlympic via Shutterstock

A woman was jailed after attempting to use the coronavirus as a weapon. The incident occurred in Los Angeles, California, according to TMZ. 

During a routine stop, a woman was approached by a cop because she was parked in a handicap space without the proper placard. The woman, who has yet to be identified,  allegedly became combative and began yelling at the LAPD officer.

She threatened to cough on the cop and told him that she had the coronavirus. Undeterred, the cop still arrested the woman. What would have been a misdemeanor offense eventually turned into a felony charge.

The woman was jailed for making criminal threats. The woman has yet to be tested for coronavirus, but the officer took precaution by reportedly wearing gloves during the arrest. At press time, 182,212 have been infected by the coronavirus and 7,140 have died, according to Wordometers. In the United States, 4,598 have been affected and 86 have died.