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Karlie Redd keeps her business top-notch and sex game on point

Karlie Redd keeps her business top-notch and sex game on point

Karlie Redd has used the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” series to create a fashion and beauty empire. While audiences enjoy Redd’s reality TV shenanigans, the Trinidad-born beauty has used her time off-screen to successfully write a book, open several clothing stores and a medispa, create a sex toy line and even become a licensed sexologist. Redd is one of the few reality TV stars who’s had the staying power to remain an audience favorite and position herself as an entrepreneur with businesses designed to last beyond the current “Love & Hip Hop” season.

Rolling out sat down with Redd to discuss her multifaceted career, reality TV drama and, of course, one of her favorite topics: sex.

People see you doing your thing on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” and may not realize how involved you are in your businesses and philanthropic work when the cameras are off. Can you tell us about your current projects?

I have several [Merci] clothing stores in malls here in Atlanta and also LA, etc., and I just opened a medispa in Las Vegas. We offer cool sculpting, Botox, facials, all the things to help women and men keep themselves looking good. I’m really excited about that. I have also been working on partnering in a restaurant here in Atlanta.

With all that you have going on, what made you want to become a licensed sexologist?

I’ve always been open about my sexuality. I’m not saying you should tell all your business, but I feel like if women shared information with young girls, they may not be so promiscuous. I was on [Instagram] Live the other day talking with young girls, and one of them — I think she was 18 —  said she used a toothbrush for a vibrator. Can you believe that?

I used to write my sexual experiences down in a journal, and I ended up sharing them with Zane, and she encouraged me to put them in a book and she published it for me. The book is titled Even Exchange, and it got five stars on Amazon. It’s basically a collection of excerpts from different sexual experiences that I’ve had throughout my life. It’s called “Even Exchange” because, for me, I want to make sure sex is an even exchange. I’m not getting the short end of the stick. I want to help women and young girls enjoy their sexuality while staying safe.

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