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Snoop Dogg urges Californians to self-quarantine during pandemic (video)

Snoop Dogg (Image source: Instagram – @snoopdogg)

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has enlisted the aid of rap legend Snoop Dogg to help convince residents to adhere to directives to self-quarantine and practice social distancing.

According to The Hill and the ABC News, Newsom and other governors across the country are becoming exasperated with some members of the public who continually dismiss calls to stay indoors and limit human interaction in light of the alarming rise of coronavirus cases and deaths.

New York Gov. Mario Cuomo, for example, boldly predicted that half of his state’s residents could wind up contracting COVID-19, according to his press conference that was recorded by CNN.

The Doggfather, 49, therefore, was asked by the California governor to appear in the public service announcement below to encourage people to stay inside — so that all citizens can soon go back outside again.

“My fellow Californians, real important message — I need you all to stay in the house for me man, real talk,” the Long Beach native and “Lay Low” rapper says. “Do not go outside unless you have to. Please. The longer you stay outside, the longer we’re going to be inside.”