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Tiffany Boone conveys Black women’s strength and vulnerability in ‘Hunters’

Tiffany Boone Hunters

Tiffany Boone as Roxy Jones in “Hunters.” (Image Source:

As Roxy Jones the new series “Hunters,” actress Tiffany Boone is a member of a rogue group on a mission to eliminate Nazis after World War II. With the season in full swing on Amazon Prime Video, rolling out caught up with Boone to discuss all things Roxy Jones and what it’s like to kick butt with an emotional touch.

In “Hunters,” a diverse mix of people come together to hunt Nazis. How does Roxy Jones fit into that mix?

She’s the fixer. She’s a lock picker, a counterfeiter, and she knows how to fight. Roxy pretty much picks up all the things that need to be done, but she’s also a single mother and an activist. She’s all of the coolest things.

Oftentimes in film, the image of a strong Black woman is that of the ’70s-era. Roxy has those same characteristics but without the exploitation element. How does that version of the Black woman fit into “Hunters”?

Coming out of the Civil Rights Movement and going into the ’70s there is this pride. Black people really embraced their beauty. It was about strength and not trying to necessarily assimilate or be accepted. In that era, you have women like Pam Grier who can fight and be sexy in a way they have control over.

Not only is Roxy strong and sexy, but you get to see her be a mother, and vulnerable.

You’re in a few fight scenes. What was it like preparing for those?

When I signed on, I didn’t actually know that I’d be having fight scenes. I knew I was hunting, but I didn’t necessarily prepare to fight. Up to this point, I hadn’t thought of myself as an action person. I like it when I’m sitting around a table having an argument with somebody.

I think I had two or three rehearsals for an hour, and then I got to it and really enjoyed it. It definitely pushed me, and I really want to do more.

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