13-year-old Truth Jones teaches adults how to earn millions in stock market

13-year-old Truth Jones teaches adults how to earn millions in stock market
Christon “Truth” Jones (Photo provided by EpiMedia Group)

Wealth is earned by having multiple streams of income. Most people know there is no way to amass a fortune by working their 9-to-5 jobs, and recently small business owners have realized their entrepreneurial dreams can’t be realized fully without additional opportunities for cash flow.

Thirteen-year-old Christon “Truth” Jones has managed to crack the code to the stock market as a day trader earning thousands of dollars before his freshman year in high school.

Rolling out had the opportunity to visit with the Fort Knox, Kentucky, native to learn the secrets behind his success and how he feels about advising clients older than his parents on how to do well in the stock market.

How did you get started trading at an age where most boys are focused on afterschool activities?

I started because I learned about a 14-year-old Black boy in Chicago who had made $50,000 [in] the stock market a couple of years ago, so I wanted to know how he as able to make all of this money. I asked my mom to teach me, but she didn’t know either. She decided to go and learn the information in order to come back and teach me.

How do adults react to learning stock trading tips from a teenager?

Some say that I explain it more easily than most adults do. I will say this: day trading is one the most simple and efficient ways for somebody to make money from anywhere in the world.

Click continue to read more and learn Jone’s three tips for smart investing.

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