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New Jersey educator Carl Brister creates homeschooling guide for parents

Carl Brister (Photo provided)

As the global pandemic continues, parents have been forced to step into the role of teachers, as schools across the country have closed. This has left parents struggling to help their children with homework. Carl Brister, a New Jersey-based instructional coach and R&B singer, created a guide for parents to make this transition a little easier.

Brister, who aids teachers and parents with math standards for Kindergarten to 8th-grade students, is now helping parents adjust to the current reality of online learning.

We spoke with Brister about creating his Parent’s Guide to Homeschool Success

What inspired you to create the Parent’s Guide to Homeschool Success?

In addition to being a teacher, I’m also a parent. I’m seeing what parents are experiencing, like seeing their kids learn for the first time. Before they just got the grade, now they’re seeing the process. They’re getting to know what their children need to learn at their best. The way that we relate to our kids, as parents, doesn’t always translate as their teacher. Now that we are supporting the teaching of our kids, there are some things that we all need to know. I was hoping that this could help parents who are now teachers at home.

Carl Brister’s Parents Guide To HomeSchool Success (Image provided)

The tell me about the significance of the 10 commandments in the guide.

The first thing is to create a schedule. Get up out of bed. Get washed up. Get dressed like normal. Keeping a schedule and implementing that regimen is what students are used to. I think that it’s really important to: “Try before you cry.”  As parents, we want to jump in and help our kids, but we have to realize that helping them means letting them try first. That’s how they grow. Finally what’s important is bedtime. Bedtime is when the brain restores brain cells. They need that rest to be at their best the next day.

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