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Business experts Gerald and Alexandria Harris plant a stake in the ground

Business experts Gerald and Alexandria Harris plant a stake in the ground
Gerald and Alexandria Harris, House Flipping Guide (photo by Tigner for Steed Media)

Gerald Harris and Alexandria Barry are that super-couple who have mastered the art of the partnership, personally and professionally. The husband and wife business partners are also business collaboratives identifying and developing business and marketing opportunities to share pertinent messages with the right audiences.

Gerald Harris’ House Flipping Guide is essentially a how-to-guide for real estate novices, providing common sense answers for new and established property investors.

Wife Alexandria is no wallflower either. The much sought after leadership, personal development, and activating creativity expert trains hundreds of nonprofit, collegiate, faith-based, and women’s organizations to positively impact life at every level.

Rolling out spoke with the power pair recently to get their formula for their shared success.

How would you describe your personal brand?
Gerald: Life-changing. In today’s economy what is happening is [that] we are all looking at what’s happening with different issues (coronavirus, jobs, etc). Our brand is different from others in that it’s not just about making money but making a difference at the same time.

Alexandria: And we also appeal to the everyday person at the same time. It’s not just for those who have an elite business degree; it’s for those who say, “I have a job, I have a career and I’m trying to do [more] for my family.”

How would you describe your work in the community?
Gerald: Very impactful because when we first started I had maybe 200 people who were following me on YouTube. I put out a video and that 200 or 300 turned into … 50,000 people following us on YouTube now. And the majority of the followers are right here in Atlanta, Georgia.

One of the interesting things about it … is that it’s not just for real estate investors. I’m realizing that a lot of people are looking to acquire and purchase property for themselves. Homeowners are looking to take advantage of our information.

Alexandria: If our emails and DMs are an indicator, we get emails from people saying, “This is life-changing information.”

How would you describe the evolution of your business?
Gerald: Funny. I used to work in a hotel. The interesting thing is that I would talk to different individuals about dreams, and not just making money, but making a difference.

The whole goal [and] one of the biggest changes has been being around people who are different from us.

These days, I go back to that same hotel for different conferences and they see that I am a fulltime entrepreneur impacting and influencing people and they are still working at hotels.

What key elements have assisted you in transforming your business?
Gerald: One of the biggest changes in our lives has been the power of association … getting around people who think differently than us … people that are maybe a little bit further ahead than us [like] thought leaders, influencers and business owners who have multimillion-dollar businesses that are not stagnant, but are continually growing.

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