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Chemist Tracey Kearse creates AcARRE to satisfy your beauty needs

AcARRE (Photo credit: Ilene Squires)

What does your brand name AcARRE mean?

I named my brand AcARRE (pronounced Ah-care) by using the fourth letter from my older sister’s name, mine, my younger sister’s, my little brother’s, my niece’s, and my nephew’s names.

What sets AcARRE apart from others on the market?

AcARRE is a multiuse bioactive beauty brand based on plant biodiversity for the beauty minimalist on the go to use from scalp to toe to rejuvenate, nourish and lock in moisture. Our Beauty Edit, multiuse bioactive dry oil, helps your skin lock in moisture. In the morning or at night, you apply one to two drops to the palm of your hands, massage and apply to your face for skin regeneration.

What advice do you have for beauty entrepreneurs?

Stay focused, stay connected and stay positive in order to grow.

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