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Virgil Abloh draws scorn, anger after contributing $50 to bail funds for protesters

Virgil Abloh (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Things are not looking good for fashion designer Virgil Abloh.

Abloh, the chief executive officer of Louis Vuitton’s menswear and founder of the luxury Off-White label, is receiving major backlash after he posted that he donated $50 to a Miami bail fund on Sunday, May 31, 2020, after nationwide protests in honor of George Floyd.

On the post, Abloh wrote,” I’m crazy inspired. For kids in the streets that need bail funds for George Floyd protests.”

(Image source: Instagram @virgilabloh)

Abloh also tagged five other people charging them to donate as well.

With Off-White selling T-shirts for $300 on the low end and Louis Vuitton recording was nearly $59 billion in revenue last year, people were outraged at the small donation.

Black Twitter exploded, calling the designer out for not contributing more.

One person posted, “Virgil Abloh had the nerve to post this on his IG Story to show how much he donated towards the #GeorgeFloydProtests when he is literally a multimillionaire selling Off-White socks which on sale would cost so much more than $50. I just don’t understand.”

Famous model Duckie Thot wrote, ” Virgil!!! How dare you. ”

Another responded, “It’s crazy because I was just about to buy an off white bag. It’s clipped now. You’re telling me that your selling products at $900 and up, we’re supporting YOU. And YOU CAN’T donate more than $50.00. YOU DON’T EVEN SELL ANYTHING FOR $50. #virgilabloh corny.”

In a now-deleted post, Abloh responded to the backlash with a statement. “The $50 donation as was described in a recent screenshot was a part of matching funds moment with friends I see in my timeline,” he wrote. “Since there is understandable intrigue about the exact amount of money I have personally given to the rightful cause of protest, I’ll post that too.”

We have yet to see a follow-up post.