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Kelis sports new Black power-inspired hairstyle

Kelis performing at ONE Musicfest on Saturday, Sept. 9, 2018. (Photo credit: Norman Johnson for Steed Media)

For Black women, hair has always been a form of true expression and for Kelis, this rings true even more.

From bold color to sleek cuts and everything in between, the singer-songwriter has always been innovative and expressive with her beauty.

Now cutting the international symbol of Black power, a fist, into her hair, the singer is making a profound and powerful statement.

The host of Netflix’s new show “Cooked With Cannabis,” posted her new hairdo Wednesday evening, June 4, on Instagram.

The image of the back of her head shows her ash-blonde hair cut with a fist design. The fist is colored, black, red and green.

Kelis explained why she picked this design in her Instagram post.

“Red for my people’s blood that was spilled. Black, we are the people. Green for the land that is ours. I [heart] my people,” Kelis shared.

The color and design are symbolism for The Pan-African flag also known as the Black Liberation flag.
This isn’t the first statement the “Bossy” singer has made as it pertains to the state of Black people in America.
She recently re-posted a message about how the music industry could support Black artists and the Black community.
“If the music industry wants to support Black lives, labels, and platforms [we] can start with amending contracts, distributing royalties, diversifying boardrooms and retroactively paying back all the Black artists and their families, they have built empires on.” (sic).