Juan and Lisa Winans discuss music and messages for the community

Juan and Lisa Winans discuss music and messages for the community
Lisa and Juan Winans (Photo provided)

Lisa and Juan Winans are a singing couple conquering gospel music. He is a member of the legendary Winans family, and she was the lead singer of the Christian music group Out of Eden. Together, under their new label, Dare Records, they recently debuted their single, “It Belongs To Me,” featuring gospel music legend Marvin L. Winans. Rolling out spoke with the couple about their music and the message they are offering their audience during times of uncertainty.

What is the message behind your latest song, “It Belongs To Me?”

Lisa: We didn’t realize that the song was going to come out at such a pivotal time. God gave a song to Juan over 18 months ago. It’s been a real process finishing the song, connecting with the right people, getting pastor Marvin to be on the song, and blessing us with his incredible gifts. God’s timing is amazing, and only he knew that the song would come out during the COVID-19 crisis. The second stanza of the song starts out saying it belongs to me, healing belongs to me. And that’s been a real wartime battle cry for us in our home, for our friends and family and people that have listened to the song telling us, “I’m declaring healing.”

Tell us about your experience on the TV show “Songland.”

Juan: We had a wonderful experience being on the show. We’ve been writing songs for a while now. But to be on the show [with] such high-caliber songwriters and producers, then Boyz II Men is sitting there and [then for] Wanya [Morris] to start singing the chorus of our songs, we were like, “This is crazy man.” We got such amazing feedback, and it was a reminder for us that you’re always learning. We’ve been writing songs for a long time, but we learned a ton, not just from the judges and the mentors, but also from fellow contestants.

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