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Tokyo Toni goes on anti-Black tirade, wants to be with her ‘own kind’ (video)

Blac Chyna and her mother Tokyo Toni. (Image source: Instagram – @blacchyna)

Tokyo Toni, the mother of reality TV star Blac Chyna, went off on a vulgar, expletive-filled tirade against Black women and declares she only wants to be with her “own kind.”

Toni, 50, was born Shalana Hunter in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and considers her herself a Latina. While she did not reveal what incited her to go ballistic in a rant against African American females, she made it profanely clear she wants to have nothing to do with them.

“I don’t wanna f— with these h–s especially these Black b—-es. You out yo f—-ing mind. I need me some Latinos. My kind, my girls,” she said in the video. “I need my own kind from now on. I’m sorry, I’m not tryna be funny. I need Latinos. I don’t wanna deal with no more Black b—-es.”

Toni, who has been rebuked severely and often by Black Twitter for the way she has raised and interacts with her daughter, Blac Chyna, 32, was just revving up during her verbal attack on Black females.

“Yall b—-es are worthless as f— in my opinion. Yeah you are, b—-. What do you do?… What is your purpose in life? What are you here breathing my f—ing air for? Exactly… I don’t give a f—, b—-. Get away from me. Ugh, just disgust me. Black b—-es is annoying. Just so f—ing annoying. Jus looking at you b—-es is f—ing annoying.”

Toni also accused Black women of being overly dependent on government assistance and for perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

Check out the profanity-laced video in full on the next page (WARNING: NSFW).

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